Why I will go to Isu

I am going to Iowa state because I like the engineering class. I love the campus and the history about the campus. I will be living on my own in my own apartment and when I get situation in Ames and will go to schools haft time so I can work on my studies and have time for my studies. I might also be taking the vr classes at the school that’s what I sorta have  some interest in at the math and engneering. That’s why I will be going and the food was amazing. I will go to any school that actually has something that I will actually benefit from it and be happy with my career choice. The reason why I want to do is stuff is for the money and I could really care for the safety of people going in and out of the building that I will be creating.  what I am really fascinated about is squirrel watching club and the qutig club. The other thing is that is one of the countries highest engineering schools. I will go there for about a year. The thing that I want to do has a high pay.


They are a rap group from the north side of Atlanta they currently live in a country club. The members of the migos are Takeoff, Offset, and Quavo and they all live in the same house and they do a lot of tours all over the world the are in my opinion they are the Tupac of rap today. Some of their hits are Versace, Hannah Montana, Cross the  country, and Handsome and Wealthy just to name a few their first hit was Versace  they made around 1 million dollars off of that one track and Offset was in prison at the time of the rise up. Now the relations of the migos are  that Quavo is Takeoff uncle and Offset’s cousin and Offset is Takeoff’s cousin. The trio began taking ti seriously at about 9th or 10th grade. Now that  know basics a bout the migos we will learn a little bit more about the group personal one of the groups favorite video games are Mortal Kombat and they played it a lot when growing up. They are the ones responsible for the thing that you kids call a dance move it’s called the dab now the dab has been around 3 years ago.  Thats it for now

My country’s food


The food that I chose for my county’s food is chocolate. I love chocolate it is healthy and when you eat it it take you into another dementia that’s what I like about chocolate when I eat it it makes me feel happy after a long day at schools. When you enjoy it you really enjoy it like me then you will understand unless you’r Allegra to it then I feel bad for you and I wish that you could enjoy it. When you love it then that’s all that I want in life is people enjoying chocolate and i think that we’er already haft way there. I love it when my mom stocks up on the brown treat and the only chocolate that I don’t like is milk chocolate it taste funny. I love it when I great a bunch of chocolate and the only peaces of chocolate that I don’t like is dark and ice cream the reason for that is it makes my stomuch turn. thats all that I haft to say about that now tell me what you think about thats all that I need to say and I love it and If you don’t talk bad about chocolate.

red panda

Ailurus_fulgens_RoterPanda_LesserPandaI like bed pandas because, the are small and scrumptious the habit that they live in is vary cold and rainy that is what they haft to deal with and they share the same habit with there giant counterparts the black and white panda. The Red Panda have a taste but unlike  there relatives they eat corn, fruit, acorns, foots, and eggs. There long red tails give them rap around blackest  when they are up in the tree tops. There breeding habits are when the spring comes they start breeding and they end at the end of the summer. The males are just a little bit smaller then the females that means that the males are always in commotion with all the other males in the community. The way that the find out who gets to mate with a certain lady in the community they will fight for them and when one of them win they get the girls and get to carry on their blood line.  I really enjoy learning about the red panda I think that in my opinion they are magnificent and majestic creators. But if we as people don’t stop; the deforestation  of the red pandas home there will be no more and that just breaks my heart and all they want is there forest back and even though they are a hybrid the result  of a panda and a raccoon and they aren’t the most lovable being and animals and they don’t haft to live throw this horror and just see there own kin die before them at the hands of us humans. Now that our president is just now a dressing the issues and this all of the and maybe evolution will bring them back or maybe it wont and that is all that I have to say.



My friend forever

download        My friend was born on January 28 1985 and passed away on Oct. 7 2015 he was taken to early that was not fair he was only 30 years old. I respected him a lot and I wanted to get a collage scholarship and  and go to collage and do what he didn’t and get a good paying job. Then I will be the best person that I can be I think that I can make it in to collage with my brains or the athletic skills that runs in the family. I just want my family to be proud of me and I just want my uncle whimp to be proud from beyond the grave. Now about the impact that he had on my life his he always said don your best at everything you do and to follow you heart. Now all I do is follow my heart and if I get in trouble then I get in trouble.  RIP WHIMP

“The stand agenst police butality”

Now a bays every ones says that they are not treated fairly because they are “WHITE” or “BLACK” and that BLACK people are the worst because that get the worst. Now that it is the 21st century. And that the brutality rate has gone down it is still going on and because of that it is treated like it was in the ’60’s like it wasn’t going on and when it is caught on tape it’s taken to court they are found not guilty and when the African-American and Jamaican-American are taken to court and thrown in jail unless the is a “Black” judge who might rule in their favor and when they do people say they are unruly and that they shouldn’t had done that. And because, of that it think that it has all the authority in the flippy world ever since the Watts ¨rightists¨  but they wen´t rightists at all it just was the ¨black” people getting sick of how they being treated. With change brought fear and intimidation because of the da crips and da bloods. The reason why they came out of the time is because the crips felt that they were doing the right thing by making their own street gang and then they did that the started so they could have all the power that they wanted and to do whatever they wanted.