red panda

Ailurus_fulgens_RoterPanda_LesserPandaI like bed pandas because, the are small and scrumptious the habit that they live in is vary cold and rainy that is what they haft to deal with and they share the same habit with there giant counterparts the black and white panda. The Red Panda have a taste but unlike  there relatives they eat corn, fruit, acorns, foots, and eggs. There long red tails give them rap around blackest  when they are up in the tree tops. There breeding habits are when the spring comes they start breeding and they end at the end of the summer. The males are just a little bit smaller then the females that means that the males are always in commotion with all the other males in the community. The way that the find out who gets to mate with a certain lady in the community they will fight for them and when one of them win they get the girls and get to carry on their blood line.  I really enjoy learning about the red panda I think that in my opinion they are magnificent and majestic creators. But if we as people don’t stop; the deforestation  of the red pandas home there will be no more and that just breaks my heart and all they want is there forest back and even though they are a hybrid the result  of a panda and a raccoon and they aren’t the most lovable being and animals and they don’t haft to live throw this horror and just see there own kin die before them at the hands of us humans. Now that our president is just now a dressing the issues and this all of the and maybe evolution will bring them back or maybe it wont and that is all that I have to say.

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